G-Watch beluga

The concept.

More than just a watch, Pasquale Gangi offers us a masterpiece that will revolutionize your habits, in all elegance. It is the newborn of his workshops, combining luxury and high-technology: The G-Watch. This masterpiece combining the Swiss watchmaking tradition and high technology Made in Switzerland is a high-performance watch with innovative features that can be used to remotely control your Super Car, in a simple turn tomorrow. The innovation of the G-Watch can also be found in its surprising mechanical movements. We will find in particular the G-V4.6 PS (46h of autonomy), the G-V12 (120h of autonomy, retrograde date, power reserve indicator and double barrel), or the GT-V12 (Tourbillon, 120h of autonomy, retrograde date, power reserve indicator and double barrel).

Because of its unique design, evoking luxury and elegance, the G-watch stands out from all its rivals on the market with its unique and innovative concept. Its mechanical aspect, characteristic of watches from Gangi workshops, gives it a unique originality and modernity. What makes it even more attractive is the possibility of choosing it according to your own design preferences. Gangi gives you the possibility to colour and set your watch to your liking to make it a special and completely Taylor made piece. It can be customised and set as you wish, it is up to you to choose the colours, stones, materials and much more. The G-Watch, hand made and finished, combines 3 elements that complement each other. First, the presence of a designer watch. Second, the combination of high-tech elegance and SmartWatch-like connectivity, and third, the belly strap. The G-Watch thus combines a magnificent design reminiscent of extreme sports, in the image of racing cars, whose technology and connectivity have become indispensable in an ever-expanding world. This special watch is available in different materials: Aluminium, Titanium, ceramic, carbon, gold and platinum. The watch is customizable and keeps the spirit of Taylor-made. In addition, the G-watch can be combined with an elegant titanium chain from the Gangi workshops, providing a charming and secure accessory.


The G-Watch from Gangi offers countless functionalities, making it a unique watch. Its integrated system features a high-quality mechanical date and time display, perfectly in keeping with the Swiss watchmaking tradition. It features a manual winder and a frequency of 4Hz for 28800 vibrations, all supported by an impressive autonomy of up to 120 hours. The G-Watch, Swiss made and Swiss technology, remains constantly connected to your car. It perfectly replaces the key, all its functions and much more.

The essence.
Halfway between modernity and tradition, the G-Watch by Gangi is the must-have to shine in society. Its wearer will clearly display his luxury lifestyle and originality with firmness and elegance. The G-Watch replaces the connectivity module of the classic I-Watch Gangi, to allow you to manage several vehicles, to better adapt to your desires and better meet your needs. Have a unique watch, reflecting your style and personality thanks to the infinite possibilities of customization. Choose the stones you want, and create a model that resembles you. Gangi’s workshop technology allows you to reproduce a 3D image of the watch you want before it is made. This will give you a clear and realistic idea of the watch that our workshops will make for you. We are listening and ready to help you create a G-Watch in your image.