G Watch chic

The Concept.

More than a simple watch, Pasquale Gangi offers us a masterpiece, able to revolutionize your habits in a very elegant manner. It is the new-born of the Gangi Workshops, combining high technology and luxury: The G-Watch. This master piece combines the Swiss tradition of horology and the high technology made in Switzerland. This performing watch with innovative functionalities can be used to command your SuperCar remotely in a simple knack. The innovation of the G-Watch is also found in its amazing mechanical mouvements. We can find the G-V4.6 PS (46h of autonomy), the G-V12 (120h of autonomy, retrograde date, reserve indicator and double barrel), or the GT-V12 (Tourbillon, 120h of autonomy, retrograde date , power reserve indicator and double barrel).